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How many times have you found yourself rolling over in bed and wondering what day is it? Sometimes I find myself tracing back my steps as I look up at the ceiling, trying to figure out what I did the night before. Somewhere along the line I have a light-bulb moment, while rushing for the cellphone to look at the time. Oh it’s so and so day and I must be there in 30 minutes.

I find that when I rise in this manner I am left rolling through the day. I arrive for meetings without consciously knowing how I got there, I can’t find my keys etc etc. I am often playing catch-up and just feel like perhaps I should go back to sleep and try waking up again.

Did you know as humans we are more likely to take action on our commitments when we consciously make them? I am talking about saying YES or NO, not a maybe or should or could. When we consciously commit to an outcome we are more like to do what it takes to get that commitment fulfilled. Did you know that we can consciously arrive at intention each morning and affect the outcome of our days? How would you like to experience that?

The dictionary defines intention as:

1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

2. purpose or attitude towards the effect of one’s actions or conduct.

3. the end or object intended, purpose, move with great deliberateness.

Discovering that I could impact the feeling tone of my days brought me excitement. I needed to accomplish my task with energy and I most certainly need to run a business and be at my optimal for all my clients and those I encounter. I wanted to be filled with energy each day. That was simply a piece of my vision. So I decided I was going to practice setting an intention each morning. Let me stress practice, as often times, the mind has its own agendas especially in the morning! Here goes an absolutely effective way of jump starting your day:

1. Hit the off button on the alarm ( you should work on training yourself to arise without the blaring sound of an alarm)

2. Consciously bring your attention to the bed you are laying on. Get familiar with your surrounding before moving.

3. Take a slow breathe and simply say thank you, thank you, thank you ( here you are giving thanks for waking up and for life)

4. After creating a field of gratitude in your heart and mind ask yourself “how would I like my day to be today?” ( be still and allow an intention to float into your awareness). If nothing comes up, which it probably won’t for the first few times, keep going at it as you practice to quiet your racing thoughts.

5.Take some time to feel your intention throughout your body using your breath and only after you’re ready should you begin to move from your position.

Remember this will take a bit of practice as you are still very accustom to running through the to-do list immediately as you awake. You can also invite your children to do this ( it is never too early to teach your children to bring their attention to their breath). By the time they get to your age this would be a natural stage of waking up. ( hmmm I would love if someone had taught me this as a child).

Let me know how this works for you. It is surely changing my life.


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