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Here are some ideas to get you started on spring cleaning your Life:

1. Get a goal that is big enough to motivate you. For me I wanted more time to spend with those I care about rather than looking for that paper one more time.

2. Get the whole family involved with motivating incentives.

3. Figure out what makes you feel good as you part with your precious things. For me I couldn’t stand knowing that what I was giving up was going in the garbage dump to be seen no more. Giving them to charity created a much better feeling tone as I knew I was blessing someone else.

4. Clean out the anger, hatred and self doubt. If you need to apologize, bite the bullet and do it. If you’re still angry and waiting for an apology from someone who won’t or can’t -give one and simply decide to let it go.

5. Wash away delay and procrastination. Delay and procrastination set you up for frustration after frustration. You’ll find yourself constantly in the past, trying to catch up, scrambling around trying not to fall further behind. Is it really how you want to live? Get into the present! You’re missing your life living yesterday over and over.


6. Dust off your attitude and put on a fresh coat of positive. A positive attitude begins with gratitude. For just one day, practice giving instead of taking, practice sharing as much love, help, care, concern and gratitude as possible. It will change your perspective.

7. Throw out misunderstanding and lack of patience. Sweep out the dirt of gossip and lies. Open the shades and let in the warmth of friendship. True friendships take work, energy and thoughtfulness. True friendships require forgiveness and understanding. You don’t want to be a doormat to anyone but you do want to cultivate relationships that are equal and reciprocal. The results are certainly worth it.

8. Lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun. Yes life is difficult and the world can be a scary tiresome place. But in your own world you are in charge of every day. You decide what you what to think about. You decide when to laugh, you decide what to read, what to listen to, what to think about. Choose to insert laughter into each day. Choose to have a little fun every day.

9. Open the windows of your mind to new ideas and a fresh perspective on living a happier, better, easier life – a H.I.P. life. There is no silver bullet or no magic pill to take – change takes action. Open your mind to some different ways of doing things, take on some new habits and begin to work your mind muscles and your organizational skills in a different way. You will find that you create the life you truly want not just the one you end up with. I have!

10. If you need further support contact us H.I.P. coaches. We are here to support you in decluttering your life.

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