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If someone doesn’t have sense enough to turn on the dim and beautiful lights of love in this world, the whole of our civilization will be plunged into the abyss of destruction – M.L. King Jr.

So often it seems as if the world has turned off its light of love by engaging in acts of war and hatred towards each other. Just last week the incident in Aurora, Colorado shook the world to tears. The lights of love can seem so dim at times, yet there is that part of the world, that inner space that awaits the awakening of the bright lights of our love planet.

In the wake of the Colorado shooting, countless acts of heroism and bravery as slowly making its way into the news. The parallel lines of evil and good often times seeming so blurred in these moments. The world can seem so complacent with the idea of destruction yet the lights of love burn so brightly within each and everyone of us longing for the opportunity to be turned on. However, it is our willingness to live in love’s complete abandonment.

Today we have the power to turn on our lights of love individually and collectively. Individually we may ignite the lights of love from within through our every action, words, thoughts and choices. By emanating the love of God from within each of us we can transform the world into a place of peace and heaven for all.

We must cultivate the field of love in our lives and radiate this idea out into the world at large. We must practice extending love for the core of being in every walk of life. When we collectively love as a human race we realize the nothingness of destruction at its core and we step into the power of God’s love here on planet earth. The lights of love are always shining and it is up to us to turn on these beautiful light. No one will do it for us because we take the action to love. We must make the commitment to activate love, individually and collectively. this is the H.I.P. way of living.

Affirm silently : I turn on the beautiful light of my love, allowing my light of love to brighten the world, creating peace and joy everywhere I go. I lift the world with my light. Love, bliss and peace pulsate as a point of light from my heart.

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