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In my reading last night from the book Happier than God by Neale Donald Walsch – he gave us 17 steps to Being what he coined as states that would make you Happier than God. Certainly such a title must be taken in context from which he spoke. What I would like to share with you though are the steps he shared. I found them to be so profound  and definitely useful as everyday practices. Whether you accept the ‘happier than God’ concept has no bearing on such practices. I have also provided a mini version on what each point means so that your own inner wisdom would provide you with insights. Here goes: 

1. Bring an end to Separation Theology : Begin to practice and teach in your every moment the concept of ONENESS. This is the only way to experience the expression of God qualities in this dimension.

2. Stay in touch with who you are: Stay connected to the Real of you, not the biography that you drafted through the years but the essence of you Soul, your Divinity.

3. Give others every experience you seek: Practice the art of giving others back to themselves. See for others the experience you would like to experience. Knowing and affirming the ONENESS of all Beings.

4.Be clear that nothing you see is real: Know always that what is happening is what is happening, but how you are experiencing what is happening is something you are making up.

5. Decide that you are not your ‘story’: Continue to become the grandest version of yourself. Release the stories that keeps you bound in the past.

6. Have only preferences:Do not require anything to be different from the way it is right now. In other words it is okay to state your preference but do not be attached to the outcome.

7. See the perfection: See everything for what it is. The Perfect event perfectly timed to provide you with the prefect opportunity to express in the perfect way that which is Perfection Itself.

Neale Walsch gave 17 points but I choose to just list 7 here. My next blog will give the reminder. I did this because I would like us all to collectively chew on what was shared in the first 7. Let us agree to see how long we can practice these points in our daily lives. I would love to hear your thoughts on this so please share!

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