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As promised I wanted to give us both some time to chew or digest the first 7 steps to happiness that Neale Donald Walsch shared with us in his book – Happier than God. Thank you all for your feed back and letting us know were you are in the process of your “happiness unfoldment”

I will pick from number 8:

8. Bypass the drama: remember nothing has meaning save the meaning you give to it. Don’t jump into “reaction” mode at first appearance of negative energy! Commit to memory this 10 words and use them as a mantra to change your experience – “nothing has any meaning save the meaning I give it”

9.Understand sadness: Know the difference between sadness and unhappy and let not your sadness stop you from being “happier than God”. Neale Walsch shared that happiness is achieved through the simple process of embracing all of life exactly as it is. For me this one was really personal having gone through and continuously going through the process of integrating all my little / big shadows. It is important to do a pulse check with yourself and choose empowerment experiences.

10.Stop arguing with life: Judgment has no place in a loving heart. Learn to replace judgment with self-reflection.

11.Drop all expectations: Forget about how you think things should be. There is no such thing as should in the Universe. “Should” is a made-up human construction, having nothing to do with ultimate reality. Love what is.

12.Have compassion for yourself: Transformation is an instant-moment thing, open and available to us in any and every second. Don’t make yourself wrong know that God has gifted you with the power inside of you to change yourself, your motives, your behaviors and your exterior conditions.

13.Speak your truth as soon as you know it: do not hide your personal truth, your authentic feelings, your here-and-now experience from anyone. Tell your truth and then LIVE IT. Remember this is what is true for you!!

14.Watch the energies, catch the vibe: paying attention to the energies and vibes of life may cause you to change your diet, change your reading habits, change what you watch on TV, change what you wear….even the company you keep. Welcome the changes! Happiness is the highest state of resonance.

15.Smile: Smile at least 5 times daily this will actually change the vibration of your body.

16.Sing: Singing connects the mind with the heart and the heart with the soul.

17. Know what to do when things are really bad: do not resist what is occurring as what you do not hold you cannot heal. Remember that exterior conditions cannot create interior conditions so no matter what you are unharmed and in charge. Create a prayer or mantra that will help you during this time to remember your true nature.

My husband and I have added 15 and 16 to our practices these day. It does shift your energy, mood and thoughts instantaneously. We hope you will try them too and let us know your findings. Peace and blessings.


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