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There once was a Rabbi who was asked by his students, “Teacher, how should one determine the hour when night ends and day begins?”

One student suggested , “Is it when one can distinguish a sheep from a dog in the distance?” “No!”, said the rabbi…it is not. A second student ventured, “is it when one can distinguished a date tree from a fig tree in the distance?” “No!” said the Rabbi.

Please tell us the answer, “the students begged.” It is when you can look into the face of a stranger and see your sister or brother, said the Rabbi. Until then, night is still with us. I do not believe that this country has ever been color blind.Frankly I do not believe that it ever will be, but I also do not despair about that because I do not see color blindness in and of itself as a goal. The question is not whether we see color or race or ethnicity. The question is having see it, how do we treat another?

This is not about blindness, it is about seeing and then doing justice. We are all one and ours in not a better way, merely another way. We need a new way to do politics, economics, social interactions, spiritual expressions. Relationships are merely opportunities to experience and express who we are and who we choose to be. When we understand that we can step away from resentment and anger and requirements. Relationships crash because they are seen as obligations.

Grant no authority to any person, place or institution outside yourselves. Love is freedom

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