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I was asked to share in the Newsletter for my church Adventure in Faith yearly event. This is a 7 week adventure in your physical and spiritual unfoldment. I wanted to share my articles with you, so I will each week, after they go through printing. Article 1 was written for Spiritual Unfoldment week.

The answer to your question is…

From the depths of our soul comes this constant cry to be or do more than we are currently expressing. There is that burning, unquenchable desire that keeps us up at nights and ultimately toiling during the day. The call is so loud, it vibrates in every cell of our being – be more, do this-do that, give more and aim higher etc. The restlessness of our soul shows up in our situations and circumstances. Something telling us that we are not good enough just as we are. In the strife to satisfy this call we reach for more and more outside of ourselves. We go about thinking that the next job, the next relationship or the ideal home is the answer. We seek out others to tell us the answers to this call, the road to travel, the medication to take, the school to attend or the next great self-help book on the shelves to read.

The collective mind of our society has reached the consensus that yes there is an answer to this cry and yes this answer is outside of you. We have all bought into the quest for answers yet we have not discovered that we all as brothers and sisters of this dimension hear the same cry. The common denominator uniting all beings is this cry – WHO ARE YOU OR WHO AM I?

As students of the progressive movement our days are often filled with the next book or the next spiritual practice that brings a kind of euphoric feeling. Depending on the length of our meditation or quiet time will depict how long the feel good state will ultimately last. If we can use learnt autosuggestion methods in our daily lives we will magically see the demonstrations that we seek. All such efforts we practice so as to remember our natural state, our natural way of being. There is something that tells us – YOU ARE ANOINTED! YOU ARE APPOINTED! YOU ARE DIVINELY CREATED NOW!

Something begins to resonate as you affirm I am a Spiritual being, I am one with all people and I am one with the one. It vibrates possibilities and opens the fountain of infinite joy that is our ground of being. The possibilities that suggest that you can conquer the world, you can heal yourself, you can go after that career you have been meaning to and certainly you can make the income that you are worthy of earning. Really, if not today then when?

What I have learnt about this unsettling call is I AM the call and the answer, literally and figuratively. I will be required to shift and adjust and become a state of possibility to the call that sings from my soul. In the NOW moment my reactions are pivotal to the demonstrations I seek to have in my life. A daily choice to react from a space of love, peace, light and joy should be the conditions from which I move, live and have my being and this is my message to you. So how does one work this practically you might ask – one must tap into the inexhaustible deep roots of the human spirit and begin to PRACTICE a series of profound questioning. Tapping into such a space requires the technology of deep listening and breathing and then one must “actively” move as instructed. Make a conscious decision today to use your gift, talents and abilities in the world for universal good. Let your questions become one of empowerment – not where can I find a lover but how can I radiate love – not where can I find the next job but how can I use my gifts and talents to inspire the world – etc. Elevate your thoughts from the “me plan” to the “we plan” and the Universe will conspire to flow through your life with ease and grace. After all that is all it knows how to do anyway! Namaste

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