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So my 7 week writing for the newsletter continues. I think I am having much fun with this. I am getting an opportunity to share myself a bit more in my spiritual community and I am learning in the mean time. The third week in the adventure is Physical Unfoldment…hope you enjoy…

A Constant State Of Becoming….

I have this wonderful plant who I have dubbed Amanda. She lives on the back patio and every morning when we pull the blinds she is right there to greet you in all her glory. Needless to say there are those days that she doesn’t appear that glorious and my heart ponders “is this the moment when I really prove that I don’t have a green thumb.”

You see, after numerous attempts to keep a cactus and a bamboo plant, neither of which made it beyond 2 weeks, I decided never again would I entertain the thought of a live plant in the home. However, studious me read an article that spoke of plant energy and what that energy can do for you in your home and I decided to surrender my willingness one more time. Coincidently my sister was pregnant at the time and she swore up and down that she was having a girl. We stayed up all night picking that perfect name. She found out the very next day that she was having a boy. Now, I wasn’t going to waste such a lovely name I thought – thus my plant Amanda Kimora (newly adopted Taylor) was born. She has become such a staple to the family and while observing her, she gently reminds me that life is active, its movement, and it’s progressive no matter what the conditions may look like.

She has seen different size pots over the 3 years each time outgrowing the container, wrestling for more space to spread her leaves or even more sunlight as she flourishes. There are times when Amanda appears to be on her last leg – perhaps a neglect of ours (not giving her enough water or food) but then that flicker of grandness / hope shows up. She always bounces right back.

Life undoubtedly unfolds in so many different ways. It takes form to meet our situations, circumstances and needs. Just recently I read in Neale Donald Walsch book where he reminds us that God takes on form in any way that we can comprehend. In fact It is just the essence of all that is. The form can never contain all of what God is but it can certainly give us an experience of the qualities of Its essence – be it peace, love, joy, healing and or the affluence of Spirit. When we choose to open our hearts and minds to the Beingness of all that is, we can experience not just love but loving. Not just forgiveness but forgiving, not just happiness but joy, not just prosperity but the affluence of Spirit and not just healing but the fullness of life in the physical body. We can look out into the world and see God in our relationships, in our jobs, in our circumstances, in our experiences if we CHOOSE to. It is ultimately making that decision to see the glass half full or half empty.

Much like Amanda we must choose to grow through experiences. Not just float in our “Spiritualness” but like our way-show Jesus – scientifically speak, study, practice, practice, practice the recognition of who we truly are. We must cultivate a relationship with our true identity of Life and allow It to show up audaciously in our life, world and affairs. Amanda in the form of a plant depends on us to water her etc but us humans in our form we must consciously choose for ourselves each day to drink that water that never runs dry. We must consistently visit the well (like the woman in Samaria) to be reminded of our limitless potential that seeks to emerge.

On this journey of the physical playing field things will show up before you. The economics, the ailments, job or career situations, broken relationships etc but there is untapped potential and power waiting to be expressed through you. Life is aching to show up fully as you, only you can bring your unique gifts, talents and possibilities to the world. We have potted and re-potted Amanda as she expands. I see her in a constant state of becoming daily. I have owned that I too am in that constant state of becoming and encourage you my dear friends to be gentle with your process as we all are in that constant state of becoming…… Namaste

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