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“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man, true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway

What if we really lived the Truth that God is always operating for our highest good? I really, really and always, always remember that! Perhaps we could welcome any experience. The word “welcome” derives from desired and guest. If we know that everything is for our good, everything would be desired and we would know that every experience is a temporary visitor- an honored guest, not a permanent housemate. We would welcome not just a russet sunset or a newborn baby or musical chords. We could welcome even the rudeness of strangers, the angry outburst of a friend, a blaring radio, an inaudible voicemail, a runny nose, stinky scent.

We could welcome anything! Even if we initially react with resistance, we could eventually welcome every experience because we can shift to look for the God given gift in every situation. When  we switch our self-talk with Oh-no to how can I grow, The world becomes a soul growing garden.

When a friend appears to snub us or criticize us, instead of making them wrong we could welcome it because we would know that their behavior is being done for us, not to us. We could soul- grow in so many ways: forgiveness, perception checking or knowing temporariness. Or we could practice offering peace by kindly setting limits.

Today what might you be subtly or not so subtly dreading. Now look for how you might grow through that circumstance. What valuable skill or quality could you grow so that you could make even that event welcome?

Affirm: I know that everything is being done for me, not to me.


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