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During my three year sabbatical I spent my time in doors between journaling, reading and television. In spite of the achievements and accolades the best gift I could have given myself was this time of reflection. In fact I could not have orchestrated that gift; it had to be a gift from the Divine. It was in those days that I wrestled like Jacob. I needed to know a few things: “How to love myself?”, “How to love others?” and certainly “How to be in this world and not of it?” These were just a few of the thoughts that kept me pondering at nights, coming to grips with the choices I had made and the path my life was unfolding in.

I was led to watch only a selection of television shows, all the time listening to my thoughts and engaging in the feeling tone of what I was experiencing while watching. There was a show called “Nanny” that came on, not sure if it still does. However, there was this British nanny who was called to the rescue by parents who could not control their children. In one particular episode she visited the home of a mother who had two children; one was 4 and the other 2. She was overwhelmed with life, a non-parenting husband and children who would not respect her. Needless to say, the mother sobbed uncontrollably to the Nanny. The 2 year old followed everything the 4 year old did and the 4 year old was rude and obnoxious. In her words “a stranger has invaded my home and I want her out”.

The mother was hopeless and the 4 year old taunted her at every opportunity. The pain of the mother translated through the screen. She was in otter bewilderment without remedy. Something spoke deeply to me during this episode, I could relate to those individuals that I had the power to not invite into the home or just be around. Some people that make you really think to yourself where in heavens name have they come from. However, this mother had a 4 year old that she had to deal with. She was presented with an opportunity to grow in ways she probably never imagined in order to support this relationship and see it through, especially as a mother.

Every encounter requires us to show up in a better version of ourselves and a better version of our self can be very uncomfortable. When we are standing in resistance and fear we are not consciously aware of what is required of us. We are in our jobs, communities, or in our families daily among people that don’t look like us or speak like us, or dress like us or even come from the space hemisphere like us. In fact steaming on this year election trail is the question of sexual orientation and who will dare take the oval office and challenge the status quo. We are taught at a very early age to highlight what appears to be different, often to trample and ridicule what looks different and ultimately stick with the group that “looks” the same. We were taught to fight for separatism, the main lifeline of the EGO. The belief in separatism is so rooted in our consciousness that every moment, every choice, every encounter comes from this cause. The effects that we experience daily are a result of this cause ~SEPARATION~ Have we as students of Truth really pondered the statement “I am one with all people”. What does that really look like?

In that television series that mom really gave me a visual to the “mind” struggle that we all in this dimension, having been birth in the flesh with a belief that is more precious than silver and gold ~~SEPARATION~~ experience. We fight tooth and nail to preserve this belief (in our reactions, our thinking, and our actions)… “Where did this child come from?” Where did this family member that looks and behave different come from? The employee that is from another country, the male or female that expresses into visibility as an expanding idea in the Mind of God that choose differently….whence forth have they come from? Come on now! These encounters are challenging our beliefs, our doctrines, and our comfort zone. These encounters are requiring us to change and on some level it is way easier to remain the same.

The distortion of our split mind continuous momentarily to box us in limitation that I am happens to be over there and all else is here. Our journey of remembrance, my brothers and sisters, remembrance of our ONENESS can only be REALIZED through practicing our oneness with each other. Why else has it come forth? In order for us to move beyond the differences and embrace the one foundational Truth, that there is only ONE out of which emanates ALL we must seek a revelation from our inner wisdom. What is ONE? What does that mean? What does that smell like, look like, feel like or taste like? Is ONE really indivisible? When we cultivate this practice we can begin to embrace all cultures, all ethnicity, all sexual orientation and all relationships as they will reveal themselves as opportunities for you to merge in a grandeur version of yourself. Namaste!

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