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Without ideas, nothing happens. The same is true of your Life Mission: To realize it, you must learn to generate ideas – lots of them. Creativity is our natural talent for shaping potential energy into form. Creativity is the key to the life you want~~Coach T

Eight Ways to Get Ideas

1. Ask the what if questions

2. Change the perspective of the problem

3. Change the focus to another part of the question, by turning is around

4. Replace part or all of the questions with something else.

5. Exaggerate the question.

6. Make your question silly or fanciful.

7. Open a dictionary to a random page.

8. Take any ordinary object in your immediate vicinity and insert it into the question.

Do you agree with the above suggestions? Do you have any creative ways to get ideas that you would like to share with us?

We encourage you to take time everyday to come up with at least 20 ideas as to how you can accomplish your life mission. This will absolutely get the creative juices flowing!!

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