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To everything there is  season & a time for every purpose under the sun; a time to plant and a time to reap. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Last week marked a turning of the seasonal wheel, as the autumn equinox heralds the arrival of the fall season. As the long summer days are transformed into the shorter-days of fall and winter, nature slows down, shedding, releasing, letting go. It is the time of the harvest….reaping what was seeded in springtime, a grateful gathering in of resources in preparation for winter and discarding that which is no longer needed. A time to strive for internal balance, reflecting the balance of light and dark.

Each season reveals nature’s divine wisdom. The equinox offers us an invitation for reflection and recollection of turning inward and realigning with our intentions and our vision. It’s a time of ripening, of noticing what has or has not come to fruition and using our observations, insights and experiences to affirm our choices (seeds) or an opportunity to make course corrections ( plant different seeds)

It is a time of letting go and releasing. Nature serves as a constant reminder that change is necessary for transformation to occur. A tree releases it leaves in order for the next cycle to begin, some animals shed their outer layer of skin to make way for another one…yielding must occur for the new to emerge. We are invited into this same dynamic process…letting go, shedding, releasing all that has become outworn, used up, no longer useful. We are reminded of the ephemeral nature of life – that everyone and everything has its season and remain simultaneously aware of the invitation to remain open to the infinite endless possibilities which beckons or calls us to live a more expanded, enlarged version of our life. As the wheel of the season turns I wish you a rich and bountiful season of harvesting, deepening and celebrating life in all of its fulness. Keep visiting the website for some H.I.P. inspirations to help shape your day


H.I.P. Affirmation: I embrace the opportunity for transformation and deepening as I consider the insight and wisdom that emerge from this harvest time and make myself totally available for all that is seeking to emerge as my life.

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