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Perhaps the most prominent thought on most individuals mind is finances. As a country we have been growing through “economic turmoil” for some time. This turmoil has escalated to other countries and as some would suggest this planet. It is by far the most talked about, thought about, fear-filled aspect of our self – our financial health/unfoldment. Our financial unfoldment addresses our ability to purchase / exchange with ease & grace, to meet and often exceed our needs and wants with the use of “money”.

It is more often than not our relationship with “money” that causes the fears around this area of our livelihood. Our conditioning and childhood experiences have molded us so much so that even with new intellectual knowledge in our adult years breakthrough seems farfetched. For some of us, we just can’t seem to breakthrough. It is my attempt this final week of AIF to speak to the heart of who you are as it relates to our financial unfoldment. As I believe that the intellect is not the change agent (though it plays its role) but it is in the heart that true transformation occurs.

For us to understand and or experience financial unfoldment we must continue to ponder & seek revelation of who we are being in every moment. When we ponder who we are in every moment we give and react differently to life. We give and receive from who we are, not who we “think” we are. We awaken to the truth that we cannot receive what we didn’t give and taken deeper recognize that we can only give to ourselves. You read correctly “you can only give to yourself.” It is in this knowing that sharing (exchange of money) becomes a heart mechanism – not just a law we study and are aware of but a state of being. You can only give to yourself! What you & I are experiencing right now is a result of what we give in each moment.

We can only give to ourselves for there is only ONE! To the unhealed mind (the mind that has not yet accepted its ONENESS with its creator) everything appears separated. With this belief embedded we tend to give according to emotions and circumstances. Sometimes with love, sometimes with fear, sometimes with smiles, sometimes with frown and more frequently with the attitude that it is “I” who gives. However, there comes a point when the question must shift from how can I financially unfold to why have I not yet given myself the experience of financially unfolding in abundance? Is it because you have not given it lovingly to your brothers and sisters? I want you to think about this deeply – have you given (made that transaction in mind and outwardly) yourself the opportunity to perceive your fellow brothers and sisters in the light of who they are – which is ultimately who YOU ARE. Any signs of congestion in our money flow signals congestion in our mind (unhealed mind). Some say practice forgiveness, some say give more – I say rediscover who you are (all of which is correct by the way). Money is an important means of exchange and should not be discounted but it is only the by-product of what we are giving in each moment.

For example my mother and Spiritual Teacher Avis personify for me the unconditional art of giving. To the naked eye some might say she gives to the demise of her bank account but for me she is the teacher and student, the woman of wisdom, grace and poise. The eldest of 9 my mother began taking care of babies before she could handle herself. Mama (grandma) would put the pillow behind her (mother’s) back to keep her upright while she fed her siblings. It was these experiences that help to mold mummy into the unconditional giving woman she is today. She cared for and continues to care for 8 siblings and 4 daughters. She never looks over at what the neighbor is giving, she simply gives because it is the question of heart “if I cannot give and love in this classroom called life, then why else am I here.” I continue to sit at my Mother’s feet as she imparts straight from the heart the beingness of giving. Her demonstrations and reputation precedes her earthly bank account as her affluence resonates in her relationships, peace of mind, her beauty, her health and her home and surroundings. Is this not financial unfoldment?

I implore you to practice giving not because the law says give, give because it is your true nature to give. This is the godfather of circulation in your life. Find a mantra or tool that supports you in the giving process, for me it is “To have all, give all to all” and take it into your meditation time. Find someone who you can emulate, not imitate, for me it is my mother, and let WHO YOU ARE shine through effortlessly. It has been my pleasure giving some of myself through these articles to you. I hope they have enriched your life in some way and as my husband enjoys saying LIVE LONG and PROSPER. Namaste!


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