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Breathe this in….”we are here for the evolution of our soul”…

One day I was sitting in my favorite neighborhood park taking in all the beauty around me and offering my appreciation for this moment of bliss when suddenly I heard a man’s voice loudly saying, come over here and let me listen to you. I opened my eyes to see what was happening – one homeless man greeting another.

The two sat not far from me and I closed and so I closed my eyes once more allowing this exchange to integrate into my moment of bliss, as one shared with the other his recent tales of disappointment and sorrow. The other just sat there and listened. Once the man concluded his story the gentleman said thank you for sharing that with me, don’t worry things will get better. God loves you. Both went their separate ways.

I continued to breathe deeply during their exchange, being keenly aware that I was being gifted with an opportunity to bear witness to a sacred moment between two Divine Beings expressing the love and compassion of God. I was led to the inquiry “in your day to day living, how often do we extend ourselves and engage with one another with the intention to really listen? Do we listen with the wholeness of our being? Do we listen with an open and compassionate heart? Are we willing to be with another in the midst of their sadness or sorrow, not to fix anything but simply to be with them, fully present, offering a safe place of love and acceptance.

My moment of bliss had now deepened to a level of ecstasy by this gift, simply because I was willing to be still and listen along with the expanded appreciation of the reminder that the still small voice may not always be so small. I encourage you to open yourself to new level awareness as you listen deeply and zoom into your surroundings!

Affirm: Today I offer my intention to give my full attention and listen with an open, loving & compassionate heart to anyone who may need a safe and loving space to step into.

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