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Love, your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these – Mark 12:31

I was in a group meeting some time last year when I found myself being completely triggered by what some one was saying. Immediately my ego flared up into judgment mode about this particular individual in the group. I was labeling them as insecure, having an agenda etc. Just to quote mildly. My mind rose with my own self defense mechanisms of intellectualizing – justifying my feelings.

Meanwhile I could feel my emotional body filling up with toxins. The emotions swept away my joy and I just knew that I was toying with conditions that could potentially lead to dis-ease in my body temple. Bottom line I was really upset. Recognizing that I needed an outlet for all this emotion I decided to go for a walk. I committed to myself that I would walk until I got things under control. In what felt like a hour, I contemplated the situation deeply. My emotions still raced with labels and justification that put me in the right. I was right and she was wrong.

What I heard next would change my life forever – “there is something in you that needs to be healed” – In me I thought – nonsense. However, after further contemplation it dawned on me that I was the one caught up in the reactions. I was having physical reactions – not her. This realization immediately began to put my mind at ease. I had to then turn the lens / focus inward. I began shifting from the state of victim-hood to self-responsibility. All the labels I had for this woman I now had to own for myself.

This event that took place was an opportunity for me to heal me. If it were not for this “triggering” I would not have discovered all this about myself. This was another uncomfortable learning experience to recognize the being triggered is really a call for LOVE. Love for self and for the person that triggered you. If your reaction is not from a space of love then truly there is something within that calls for compassion, there is something that is asking to be healed in the moment. As my compassion grew around this event with myself, it also grew for the individual and I found myself in a state of peace.

I encourage you to affirm: I recognize that anything that triggers me is my own self-responsibility. I have love & compassion for myself and for all who enter into my awareness.


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