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Great relationship and partnering skills are keys to a happy and fulfilling life. When you have harmonious relationships at home and work, you can easily and effortlessly harness the genius of collaboration, the joys of love and the gifts of social synergy – the foundation for creating a better world. You want to ensure that you are practicing skills that will support you in manifesting miracles in your relationships, and create more joy, abundance, love and fun in your life. Find yourself around individuals who are seeking after the same level of relationship like you. Your crowd will be a great indication of what is happening in your life. In fact

You’re never more than 10 seconds away from turning your relationship life around and taking off in a new, positive direction.

We have found the crucial changes that make a difference in relationships come from choices and commitments you make in tiny moments of time. That’s good news, because it means that the past is irrelevant: the only thing that matters is what you choose in the present—right NOW.

If there’s ever a time when we need to learn how to make miracles happen in our relationships, that time is now. The U.S. divorce rate hovers around 50%, but the divorce rates for second and third marriages run even higher. The learning curve is going the wrong way for many people.

The same thing is true in work relationships: more and more workplace energy is being consumed by relationship challenges. Everywhere you look in the political and social realms, you see strife between people.

We humans spend far too much time suffering in our relationships. And for many of us, there’s a huge gap between the way we want to feel in our close relationships and how we actually feel.

The good news is you can change how you interact in your relationships, and you can start NOW! Begin by asking the question: What is my vision for this relationship that I am in? Too many people are going around without having a vision for their relationships. Like every other area in your life, you must be aware of where your heading. Don’t take for granted that things will just fall into place…..It will take deliberate, intentional actions to keep your relationships moving forward.

The second question you want to ask yourself is what tools or practices have I put in place to support the vision I hold? As humans, we all need the extra support. In fact I often say to my clients – how will your remember to remember that this is your vision. This questions always brings them to a pause:) Get the tool box out and begin to implement the small steps in your every day life that will support you.

Let’s be honest if your friends are “dogging men”, not desiring a relationship, not trusting relationships etc etc. This is a great indicator of where you are in consciousness. Okay let me be nice this is the thoughts and beliefs that you are allowing yourself to participate in and what goes in must come out. Take an evaluation of who and where your hanging around. Whether you are in a relationship or out of one. Ensure that your vision is being supported by your physical location.

Begin with these three questions to design a map for your relationships. I guarantee that as you begin the journey more tools will be revealed to you and if not contact us for couples visioning!!








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