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I really enjoy reading the Creative Thought publication each morning as it gives me so much food for thought as I go through my day. This morning quote reads – “The Truth is instantaneous in its demonstration.” ~ Ernest Holmes

One of the things I have found that works for me is when I read a quote I can easily take a breathe and feel what comes up in my heart or feeling tone. What is the quote saying to me? What questions are coming up? How would becoming aware of this statement impact my life and encourage me to show up each day? Am I better having heard this?  Really, whether you read something or hear it from a random encounter we should open ourselves to something new being revealed to us. After all we are all in a state of becoming.

It’s the middle of the day and I am still reeling from  the use of the word “instantaneous” in Mr Holmes statement. Is he suggesting that in the NOW moment once the Truth is revealed in me that demonstrations will occur? Is he suggesting that I can affect change in my life by dwelling on the Truth? Is he suggesting that demonstrations are continuously happening whether we are aware of it or not?

If I am apt to believe in the law of mind action, which I do, that action follows thoughts. Then I am hearing a screaming RESPONSIBILITY in my gut. (a not so nice feeling when it comes to some things or situations I might add). Hmmm instantaneously I am demonstrating what I have accepted to be true in my life. My life, my situations, my circumstances is telling me what I have accepted to be true! Oh my! sobering…..

But then beside that feeling, stands another feel where my heart begins to sing and whisper: but you can choose…you can choose to look at your life. What have you really really accepted to be true? What is Truth for you? Your definition of this Truth is what gets reflected in your life….truly knowing the Truth will set you free!!

I encourage you to breathe in Mr. Holmes statement again  “The Truth is instantaneous in its demonstrations.”

1. Allow yourself to feel the feelings that arise deep within you.

2. What have you accepted to be the Truth? What’s showing up in your life? prosperity or lack, sickness or health etc etc.

3. Make that list..take the time to write done what your life is telling you about you.

4. Start from the beginning again, revisit the statement ~~ “the Truth is instantaneous in its demonstrations” and begin to CHOOSE.

Do you desire to see new demonstrations or experiences in your life? Would love to hear from you!!!

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