Audacious Prayer


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“If the mind wants to comprehend reality it will have to come out of the past and the future” – Osho

We spent some time discussing in our noonday meditation sessions on Tuesday what does it really mean to pray audaciously. We open the call with the quote above from Osho to really bring us present to the NOW moment. You see we cannot really begin to understand anything, and I mean anything at all, until we allow ourselves to release the baggage, burdens or thoughts that keep us bound to the past of future.

Are you courageous enough to transform belief into realization?

Don’t be quick to respond but really ponder this question…Are you courageous enough to transform belief into realization? If you are then you are ready to enter into audacious scientific prayer — which is contact with Reality. Notice that is Reality with a upper case letter. The Reality of perfection not the reality of our individual concerns, experiences and situations.

Audacious prayer will provide you with the evidence that you have taken a human incarnation, to live a GREAT life. What else could be the destiny of the sons and daughters of the Most High? If you are honest with yourself you will notice that we all tend to set a certain ceiling for our lives. We somehow have all come into an agreement that we can be content with just this portion. Maybe you have found yourself saying “I don’t want to inconvenience the Universe by asking or expecting more.” Besides “I don’t want to be disappointed so I will settle for this portion.” This is not audacious prayer!

Audacious prayer declares your true nature. It takes you to the depths of your being, where you “touch” the Reality. Once you enter this sacred space within yourself, you experience a paradigm shift and realize that from this place of God-consciousness all things are possible. You have broken the ceiling you set for yourself and no-thing is the same. When we have these breakthroughs we move back and forth between prayer, silence and praise. They intermingle and we realize we aren’t asking for anything but accepting all the gifts of Spirit that has already been given.

We are ready to be audacious and bodacious in our acceptance of these gifts because we have touched our true nature within. Everywhere you look you see the work of Spirit taking place. Praise burst forth from your heart and even your very breath becomes a prayer of inhaling divine energy and exhaling gratitude for your life. Life is seen as beautiful, all being’s are beautiful.

What can you do to start living an audacious life? Peace and blessings

H.I.P. Coaches

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