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We continue to ponder the questions – Are you courageous enough to transform belief into realization during our noonday meditation and as with all these questions of Truth of questions that ask us to go deeper the answers reveal itself slowly.

Recently a pioneer in the human potential movement, Stephen R. Covey made his transition and for me he represented someone who did not run away from himself. You see most people seek safety and comfort in the outer world. Believing that if only they achieve that or had this relationship worked out maybe things would have been different and they would attain the safety and comfort that they seek.

Real safety is your willingness to not run away from yourself. I really would like to draw emphasis on the “willingness”. We cannot will ourselves into safety, we must allow it to organically unfold. In fact most individuals who “will” themselves into any position often find themselves out of the position sooner of later. The foundation will not sustain a willful person.

Stephen R. Covey believed his 9th habit wholeheartedly – leave this world better that it was when you got here. How many of us are on this path consciously. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that launched him in the forefront that he wrote about are:

1. Be proactive

2.Begin with the end in mind

3. Put first things first

4. Think win-win

5. First understand, then be understood

6. Synergies

7. Sharpen your saw

It behoves us all to revisit these habits and re-evaluate how we are doing on each. For me personally I am working on number 7 – sharpen your saw and I am doing this through taking care of myself. Through my spiritual practices, re-creation, rest and relaxation would I have found my energy up and definitely I am more alert to by goals and dreams.

Share with you how you are working with one or more of the 7 habits.


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