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“Let us live in the eternal presence of God’s happy smile…folded in the arms of Love forever” – Ernest Holmes

Ernest Holmes also said “the journey back (home) should be fraught with happiness and joyful expectation for we shall be met with a smile from the Universe and shall be folded in the arms of love forever.” I know that I am met in each and every moment with the open arms of God welcoming me home and I know I am home wherever I go. No matter how far I wander off from my center. How separate and apart I feel from the love of God I just turn my thoughts back to my heart, the home of God, my heaven in the midst of chaos and I know I am enfolded in Its loving arms.

I picture the presence of love, all of life, my beloved Father – Mother smiling at me and bathing, immersing, soaking me in her unconditional loving warmth. I sit nestled in her loving arms, safe and secure. My heart opens and I am home.

As children of God we are all living in Mother – Father God’s household. We should consistently we knowing and affirming that it is God’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. God is forever providing all that we need. How good it is to be able to turn within and remember we are never alone? Our true dwelling place, our home of love, a place of pure bliss and delight. A place filled to the brim with brothers and sisters in Spirit to enjoy this household of light with openness to frolic and express love. Know that we are always free to be our authentic unabridged selves, at peace with the world.

Affirm: All that I need is already provided. I rest and relax at home in the arms of God and I am refreshed and renewed. I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

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