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There are moments when I am truly overcome with gratitude for being exposed to the working of my own mind. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t take the time out to just look at how I am creating my experiences through the activities of my mind.

Recently I had to take an emergency international flight to see about some family issues. It wasn’t until the smell hit me that I remembered that they were still spraying this flights. The fumes lucky wasn’t as thick as back in the days but needless to say it was enough to give me a burning sensation in my nostrils. I used the blanket to cover my nostrils but still the burn continued. As I sat in my seat I felt my body changing, I was beginning to become charged and agitated.

The feeling shifted from my stomach up my throat. I began using my mind to stay in touch with my feelings and to manage my reactions. Suddenly it was as though there where at least 3 to 4 minds operating in me. There was a fight to see who would win (battle of the minds). One said ask the flight attendant for a mask. The other said ask your mom who is sitting next to you for a asthma pump or make an announcement in the plane. Get attention NOW! This thought really had my throat closing up and breathing became uncomfortable. The next mind said – ” you have never used an asthma pump are you insane”. The fourth mind said breathe deeply, easily & effortlessly. Do not alarm your mom or anyone of the plane. Look at the time next to you and know that in minutes you will be okay and this moment will no longer exist.

Gratefully that mind won as I became conscious of my breathing. Rather than listening to the voices in my mind, my breath became louder and louder. I began giving thanks for life and learning to use my mind. I remembered mantras I used over the years – My body is in my mind and as such I have control of it. I am not my body but the life that was never born or can never die. My throat cleared and the sensations in my nostrils dissipated. I was able to block out any thoughts or physical disruptions that wanted to get in the way.

In the moment of silence that I had started enjoying the pilot came on and announced we were landing. Oh what a glorious moment! I had overcome the battle of my own mind. As the door flew open and I walked through the exist ramp I told my mom what had just happened. She was in awe that she sat next to me and had no idea ( only shows you how much we never know what’s going on with our neighbors).

Truly grateful I am for the tools I learn and practice and when one has these experiences I am reminded that it works if you work it. We must visualize in our minds and hearts the outcome we desire to see. Create a mental equivalent Emmet Fox would teach. For it is out of the feelings that we create.

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