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The moment one gives close attention to anything even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself – Henry Miller

This week I invite you to slow down and be grateful. This month when thanksgiving is a way of life, find the joy within and shout out in gratitude for indeed, God is here, right here, right now, inside each breath, loving YOU. Allow yourself to feel it. There is a blessing within the process if we allow ourselves to see it. It gives us time to pay attention to the blade of grass or tree branches against the sky and thereby move within and find the joys of Spirit.

In this moment we give thanks for the freedom we enjoy and the blessings of sharing with our community. Our community has expanded to include the whole world through the Internet and our awareness of the connection to all.

Timeless wisdom from tribes around the globe reminds us of the web of life that reverberates with our intentions. We can be vibrating with the interaction of the five elements of Chinese medicine: the fire of connection, the service of earth, the deep curiosity of water, the acknowledgement of metal and the choices of wood. In Indian tradition the acknowledgment is Namaste: when I am in my Divine center, I see the Divinity in you and we are one.

Put on your gratitude glasses and see the beautiful world that leaps into high definition. Notice the depth of color of the plants, whether it is in flowers or changing leaves. Take off any limiting glasses to see with the inner eye the love within your beloved. What are you thankful for right now as you hear / read this? Say it out loud to hear with your inner ear what your inner eye is seeing. Complete the circle of life with prayer and thanksgiving knowing that what you send out returns to you ten-fold.

Affirm: I turn within and find a world of glory, joy and I am grateful. I am so grateful for my life in expression as this physical form. I am grateful for all expressions of life. Namaste & Blessings.

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