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I have a friend from High School that experiences panic attack to the point of going to the emergency room from time to time. Her panic attacks are induced by fear, what others thing about her etc… really she lives a life where she isn’t stepping on anyone’s toes. At the time when these episodes came about I wasn’t aware of the severity or nature of these episodes. I didn’t grasp the feeling tone or what was talking place with her, all that was beyond my understanding. Now, anything that happened in the group or individually she would be the first to say “I am sorry”…it was her nature, she explained to us on numerous occasions that she was raised to say I am sorry in the home.

A few years ago something happened between us, something like not telling her we were going to the mall and she basically had a fit. How could we do that to her? For us we laughed and said its nothing we just ran to the mall, the laughter made it worse…she stormed out, with her chest beating rapidly. Two days later a meeting was called and with tears running down her face she said “you did not say you were sorry”…. What I desire for us to get and understand today is that “you never know how what you say affects someone” in fact the rule of thumb should be…. I never know how what I say will affect someone….. To take this even deeper – how will what I am about to say affect me personally, my beingness, my presence…

We are in the age of anything goes and is said…How is this technological age improving the quality of your life? How are your relationships (personal and professional) being qualitative? What two or three little words are driving your choices, reactions and actions?

Today I want to wrap up our month on gratitude with Two Little Words “Thank You”… two potent, productive, fruitful words that can alter your very being on a cellular level… Thank You… Two words whether spoken inwardly or outwardly can put a smile on your face, can shift the energy of the room you enter…Thank You…two words that open the flood gates of opportunities in your life… Thank You… Two words that can clear up your visions to see new perspectives instantaneously… Thank You… I am so thankful to my friend for teaching me about the words I speak… Thank You… What and what are you thankful for…The thank you that fills your heart to overflow? Sit in that vibration, that feeling tone

Let the words Thank You be a song in your heart and let it guide your steps daily, not just during Thanksgiving (when food is in abundance) but in every moment. Affirm your gratitude and let the Universe reward you.

Stay tune for next month’s theme: GENEROSITY

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