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There are those days when your heart sings out with a feeling of elation. It cannot be translated in words, sometimes you want to sing. Like for me I always remembering singing this song in prep school – “my cup is full and running over.” That would best describe the feeling tone.

Interestingly there are the times when it hits you – the feeling that is – and when you look around in your life or the lives of others, or in the world. There isn’t anything to “gloat” over, well that is what the physical eyes is telling you. This feeling from in your soul my friends is what I have come to term as GRATITUDE, the overflowing elation in spite of. Simply because life is! My friend just this week said she started a journal of gratitude and happiness simply because she didn’t know the difference between the two and so I decided I would my thoughts on this matter.

Certainly it is okay to have a journal that supports all your experiences – happiness plays its part in all our lives on many levels. The feeling of happiness can urge us to reach for the stars and make our dreams a reality. But the fleeting nature of happiness can drive us down the wrong path. Happiness often describe the feeling we get when something external makes us feel good. Something or someone outside of our beingness is given the credit or we think has added a special thing to our lives. And this perhaps is true, the drawback is – if that thing or someone goes will you still feel the same.

We should never let our feeling tone be so dependent upon something outside of us. Where we spend our days like the pendulum, swinging left to right! Recognize the feeling tone of gratitude, whether your on the hill on in the valley, whether you are the CEO or the janitor, whether you are the Kardashians or the Doe’s. When you discover it, nurture and bask in the tone that says life is good, it is limitless, it is possibilities. It is inclusive ! It is unlimited and whether something external factors into my awareness or not I can still feel the same.

I encourage you to recognize the difference between gratitude and happiness in your life and choose wisely how these moods or tones affects your days and choices. Become so aware that in any moment, in any place you can call forth GRATITUDE to guide your path. It is a miraculous potion.

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