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Oh boy, did I have a day yesterday. My favorite friend “Self – Talk” was close by the whole way through. There are moments when we are asked to step up and out a little higher and that was the case for me yesterday. With each step I am learning so much more about myself and I am allowing all of me to be okay ( after all this is how I have transformed my life thus far). What I am getting in each moment is that transformation never ends – it is really a knowing that “we are always in a state of becoming” – BOOM

When my personal coach told me that a few months back it was like transformation number 50….I keep breathing that affirmation in when I have to grow through any experience, when I have to let go the old me, the old way of doing and being. When I have to communicate fully and lead with authority. I am learning that I truly I am okay with doing because it is safe to do so. One can choose to quietly sit back and move mountains without engaging and embracing in the moment. I am learning that life is about experiences not things and this is my message to the world.

If only I could shout this to everyone, at every door…PAUSE AND OPEN YOUR HEARTS  to the experience of each moment your life would be enriched and your territory enlarged. Your soul has called forth every experience, every encounter, every situation to enlarge your awareness not to add money to your account (contrary to popular belief) or things to your homes etc. Life is really qualitative – if we so desire to ponder deeper.

Each moment calls for us to shed some part of ourselves and stand in a greater version of ourselves and this cannot be achieved in the doing and non-engagement space. We must be fully present to what the moment has brought to our lives, what new part of ourselves are we embracing. Yesterday I embraced leadership at a whole other level as I lead and held sacred space for 2 amazing groups through their process. There was no one to hold my hands as my husband was engaged other wise ( synchronicity at the highest). I was standing at the well with my friend “Self Talk” and all went amazingly well.

Truly I am grateful for the moments when I shed the belief in my little self and embrace the calling of my soul. I encourage you to open up and try practicing being in the moment – you will be better for it!

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