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Jesus is the name of the man who more than all men, has presented Christ, the true idea of God, healing the sick and the sinning and destroying the power of death. – Mary Baker Eddy

There are many beautiful traditions that are honored and celebrated during the month of December. Some are based on the bible, some not, yet all have an acceptance of a power of good. They each teach about the spirit of generosity. Many people refer to the Holy Spirit or this omnipotence as a higher power and we are free to follow the path of this unconditional divine love presence that resonates in our hearts.

Part of this path might include studying someone we respect or admire because they serve as a role model of inspiration, generosity, love and peace. They are seen as bridging the gap between ideology and walking the talk.

What a blessing to know that there are those who have successfully gone before us, overcome challenges and who can help show us the way on our life journey. Jesus certainly was a  way-shower. Before Christianity had a name his teachings were actually referred to as the Way. He healed wherever he went, whether the need was physical, mental or emotional. He practiced generosity always. His ability to demonstrate his faith by his works was unprecedented. Still there were those who were totally opposed to the love he expressed and the good deeds done. It’s no different than today really, for some of us as we let our light shine and do good works in the world.

Christ Jesus proved life to be eternal beyond the mere physical body and this divine love is every available for guidance, safety, health, generosity and wholeness in all areas of our lives.  It was and continues to be good news for many that we are born on Spirit to soar and flourish.

This month honor Christ – mas by holding your own mass of Christ consciousness – a celebration of your spiritual communing with the One. May you demonstrate more of your true spiritual nature as goodness, gratitude, patience, wisdom, integrity, generosity and appreciation for all of life.

Affirm: I let the divine love of the Christ consciousness be my guiding light, showing me the way to a greater demonstration in my life. Merry Christmas to all.

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