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Every one of us has to find the humble stable, the lowly place of the dumb animals and under our own bright star find the Christ and the gift of everlasting faith ~ Mary Strong

In deep December when our world is more often cold and dark, than it is bright and hopeful, we turn toward the light. For some its the lower case light found at the mall, at the parties or in search for a repeat of holidays long ago. When life was gentler and joy was easier to come by. When we look more deeply however the December holidays – Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa – present us with the true light and our holiday celebrations take on a deeper meaning and warming glow.

Howard Thurman writes in The Mood of Christmas, Chanukah’s & Christmas spring from the same womb and are mothered by the same brooding Spirit. One marks freedom from tyranny and the preservation of the eternal Light for all generations of men. The other announces that there is a Presence in the common life, a Light that lighteth every man that cometh in the world.

As we look around this December we see a planet and a people in distress. We hear calls for help from those struck by disaster, crying out in the darkness. Tempted to turn away we remember instead that the Savior, the healer for all of it is within us. It is the Light we carry and the love we express. We have the potential to be the Light, to be the Chosen One, because we understand  the power we hold as Light- Bearers who know, simply, our thought, our energy, our vibration is the most powerful force there is.

If our planet is indeed dying, we know that as with all death, it is merely a transformation and we are here to light the way to a new heaven and a new earth, glowing from within with a love beyond human understanding.

Affirm: I practice generosity with my light. I carry my light everywhere I go. I turn within to the cherished brilliance of love I carry. Today I bring forth this love and watch it transform the world.

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