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We will pick up from our post yesterday as we continue to prepare for an amazing 2013 and beyond! Far too long have you been trying the same tricks and not seeing the results. We really desire for you to implement these tools and let them play out into your life, world and affairs. Here goes:

6. Identify what might stop you from succeeding. Anticipating possible obstacles means they are less likely to derail you when you encounter them. Some will even disappear just by being named. My grandma would say “call a pig a pig” and this simple means look at things for what is it. Don’t try to trick yourself into seeing other things. Having this as a practice will sharpen your decision making process, you will know the moves you’re to make. You will be better prepared with your choices! Really one should yearn to come into awareness of greatness having stand in the responsibility of what is. How else will you know what something different looks and feel like?

7. Focus on what you want, vs. what you don’t want. Sound obvious? Think again. Energy follows thought, so you attract what you focus on. Phase resolutions to express the positive, not the negative, side of your goals. This is such a perfect next step after number 6 above, once you identify the possible obstacles and you “manage” them stand in laser focus position of where you’re heading. Keep your thoughts high, your surroundings high. Get into the vibration with individuals who are going places also. Seek out a H.I.P. Coach to support you in eliminating those self-sabotaging ways once and for all.

8. Make your physical environment do the work.  If you want to watch less TV, put it in storage. If you want to stop using credit cards, keep them in a safe deposit box for emergency use only. If you want to eat healthier foods, make sure that’s all you have in your house. You get the idea. Simply put let your physical environment be that reflection of your emotional, spiritual plane. Use it  as a  measuring tool for how your doing.

9. Visualize the benefits of your goal.  Be specific and clear to yourself about why the outcome is important and worth attaining. Imagine how good it will feel. Relish the details. Contrary to popular belief creation takes place in the feelings. This is why it is very important to be in the vibration and flow of your desires. It doesn’t matter what’s on paper, or what comes from your lips. If your heart isn’t in it nothing will show up. Click for daily H.I.P. inspirations

10. Get support. Change is easier and more fun when you have a coach, friend, partner or group to help. H.I.P. Coaches has lots of packages ready to support you in creating the life of your dreams. It will take work, it does take work so get on it NOW.

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