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This month we are focused on Authenticity. Plain and simple Authenticity is about being your best self, so you can live your best life. You are the only one who is best as being you, so stop trying to be like someone else or what others want you to be so you can fit in. What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is the quality of being real, genuine, trustworthy and bonefide. Authentic people know and live who they are and what they believe, they have and exhibit alignment of head, mouth, heart and feet. This allows them to be consistent, steady and reliable.

They are natural in how they express themselves – nothing looks staged or rehearsed. Therefore they are free to be transparent with nothing to hide or lie about. Being transparent, allows them to be courageous, not relying on external validation or approval for their thoughts and actions. Authentic people embrace all of who they are by demonstrating  their gifts, talents and passions, as well as their faults and foibles. They are human and real, not ashamed of their “realness” or limitations. Thus by expressing their “realness”, their wholeness, authentic people play full-out in playing their part in creating a world that works for all.

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“Give Yourself Permission To Being Your Best Self”
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