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Authenticity allows us to be a transformational presence in the world. A presence that inspires and gives ourselves and others permission to be our best self ™ to live a life of excellence, vision and discipline. Transformational presence allows us to live in an attitude of discovery versus close mindedness. It allows us access and tap into our potential, learn from the future and close the gap between what we know and how we live.

It is rooted in expanding conscious awareness and inviting others into that space. It’s a way of living, leading and serving that is built on co-operation and enlightened action. Developing our greatest potential by tapping into our souls, paying attention to the callings of our souls. Transformational presence calls for love of God, ourselves and our neighbors.

By being a transformational presence we are living a life of vision, discipline and excellence:

Vision: This is how you are to be a beneficial presence to create a world that works for all. We need to wake up to our inspired vision. Inspired vision has the power to awaken us from the trance of mediocrity and put us in the presence of our authenticity and why we are here – to make a positive difference with our life.

Discipline: This is the adherence to a particular way of life based on principle and a philosophical way of thinking by being a disciple or student of that way of life.

Excellence: The authentic organizing purpose of life is the in-habitation of and unbounded expression of your excellence. Excellence is the unique embodiment of your gifts and talents through your greatest liberation. Your greatest, liberation is a freedom from the distracted habituation of conventional ways of living. Once you embrace these 3 qualities of vision, discipline and excellence in these ways you can display the spiritual self-confidence to live your authentic life.

Affirm: I am a transformational presence in the world. I am awake to my vision, I am disciplined in my actions and I live a life of excellence.

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Give Yourself Permission To Being Your Best Self

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