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I have done the resolutions thing and tried to remake the resolutions perhaps somewhere around April of each year. You know that month when you remember “oh, I did make a resolution.” But this year I decided to do things differently. I decided to allow, what I call my inner mind, to guide these resolutions. Charles and I at the end of 2012 went through our life structures and made a few goals for each area but individually I worked on my inner space and who I was being called to be.

One of the things I have been working on for some time is just releasing and letting go. I mean releasing and letting go other people’s opinion or evaluations of me. I realized for some time now that something within has been trying to get my attention. It has been nudging me to just open up and let go. Release control of all things, people, places and circumstances because the soul’s evolution is not mine to control. Really I don’t need to have it all figured out. Aha aha moment!

Try making an inner resolution and see what happens. If you’re in-tune – immediately the Universe will say “your wish is my command.” I was asked to step up into a leading a role right out the gate of 2013. The first week of the New Year, everyone is busy, still on the high, not back from work or even in the frame of mind of back to business yet. How would I pull off getting a team together? How would I trust the team to show up and play full out? Let me add some humor here, I was to create the team with individuals I have never laid eyes on before, lead at a task I have never done before. Talk about tricks!

But I had to say yes not for anyone but me. I had to be willing to stretch and grow through the call of my soul. Every step of the way I smiled and ended each task with gratitude. The extra thank you given really calmed my inner world as the fear and pitiful talks ensued. As the day approached I used the skills that comes naturally to me (detail and organize) to keep centered. I set a meeting time for the team, here I would meet the team that said yes without even seeing a face and I would trust and delegate that all would run smoothly.

I didn’t sleep that night because I was so anxious, fear still trying to have the upper hand. As we left that morning, Charles in the driver’s seat I did a quick run through in my mind, ensuring all was accounted for. Suddenly the moment happened while I was running through the list, as clear and as loud as day that inner voice spoke “if the @#$% falls apart so be it.” I remember chuckling and Charles said what’s so funny but I couldn’t share then…

Needless to say everyone had arrived before me. The day could not have gone any smoother than it did. This was a new level for me, a new level of trust and release and I have been having fun with it since then. Let the @#$% fall I keep repeating to myself as I take new risk and open my life to new horizons. Do you dare to try with me?

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