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Apart of being authentic I have found is learning to listen deeply. Listen to the still small voice that guides and directs and sometimes, for me says “shut up.” I have had friends ask many times how to get their mind quiet or is there a moment when you think of nothing? The truth is the mind never goes quiet and thoughts are always active, always. However, is there a space when you can get still for but a few nanoseconds, absolutely!

Developing your listening skills is a starting point to getting still. Just stop talking and, or offering your opinion and ideas to others. Let your inner guide nudge you when to speak and what to say. I have found that this practice creates more space for compassion and peace. Peace as others share without interference and they seek your suggestions. It is so wonderful to get others permission to address them. Compassion gives birth as you listen with the inner ear, the ear of the Divine. Where there is clear objectivity and love for all things.

Listening is a spiritual practice. One must learn to listen to the voice of Divinity within and then to consciously act upon the instructions of that nudge, which will guide you to the fulfillment of your purpose. However, the nudge of the Divine will never suggest hurt and harm etc. That’s all the ego/ personality dwelling in separation from that which is Authentic. I am referring here to unconditional love that knows no separation from all that is good. Tune into this aspect of yourself and allow your authentic self to come forth into expression.

Listening will allow you to deepen your relationships and connections to all things. I have a friend that once would seek me out to pour out the burdens of the world. Certainly based on belief I knew I was attracting this on some level. I sought to change within me. I didn’t need to say why this or that. Or blame her for this level of interaction. I simply set out to discover why this kept happening.

My energy was all upside down after any conversation with her. After tuning within the nudge was ‘be quiet’ so I began practicing that. She came and I said nothing. By the fourth time our friendship had deepened, she still talks but now I listen with love and assurance that all is well. With her permission I speak otherwise I simply listen. My energy is intact and she is getting her own insights from her inner guidance. She is blossoming and radiating such joy. No longer is it a burden that pours out but insights and revelations she receives. You see the practice of listening helped me but is also helped her as she began to hear her own self.

I do believe there is a space of stillness within all of us, an authentic space of realness, truth, love; peace etc. You feel like the mind has gone quiet but in fact in have open to dimensions beyond words. The more you practice listening the more you will experience this space within your own self and the more you will give rise to your authentic self.

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