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The wildest part of this journey called life is the drive to discover this thing called YOU. It can prove to be the most painstaking process, yet exhilarating and expansive. This month we prepare to move into the exploration of the principle Authenticity. We endeavor to ponder deeply what practicing Authenticity means in our lives. I was knocked over the head while reading an article online recently, in fine prints, it read “you don’t go around trying to prove to other people who you are” and my inner voice continued “just be”.

The more it sunk into my Beingness the more I played with the thought that one would first have to know who they are. One must peel away the layers of who mama said you were, or how your work and relationships define you. How your experiences through life have defined you, culturally, your ethnicity, where you grew up, your family size. For me, my upbringing was in a large family and perhaps the thought was follow the footprints of the older ones. Things should be done in a particular form and discipline. Not stepping on any toes here but what if the footprints before you were too small to fit? What if the path was not the call in your soul?

In Integrative Coaching we hold ourselves and our clients to the light of “we are everything”, the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent and with this foundation we travel around taking back the pieces of ourselves we are so desperately trying to get rid of. You see the YOU that you seek to discover is your “whole self”, your “wholeness” that you must express freely. The gifts, talents and abilities that only you can Authentically bring to world! The key is to stand in the recognition that you are whole NOW don’t go around trying to prove who you are BE IT. Turn the key to the door of your Authentic self, STOP GOING around trying to duplicate or imitate others – this will lead to the death of you, whether it be the body you or the “you” that is seeking to emerge. You choose!

Practice Authenticity in every moment. Take into your meditation this month 3 little questions:

A) who you say you are?

B) Who do people say you are?

C) What’s calling from deep within your soul that the world is waiting on? I invite you to sit in the practice of being the real you this month, choose life not suicide.

Until Next Time…

Give Yourself Permission To Being Your Best Self

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