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It is another day, another morning and news of Debbie Ford’s passing is so fresh and real. A woman of such light and profound wisdom has completed her physical journey with us but in a grandeur way etched herself in the heart and minds of millions.

When Debbie’s work arrived to my door or in my awareness I was praying for about 2 years the same prayer ~~ “Lord, teach me how to straddle the spiritual and physical world.” I knew/know who I am as a spiritual being and often times I am standing in the world that says – no you’re a human being. Spirit sent Debbie to me a woman that modeled what it looks like to be fully human and fully divine.

Her authentic body of work, her presence and her beingness lit up the room. As people tried to partake, whether to give her their light or take, she would so candidly and authentically refuse. Debbie had a remarkable energy and gift. It was only Saturday night Charles and I was taking about her work and what it has done for our individual lives and our relationship. Her books are nothing but pure Divine inspiration, no physical being could have written and organize those words – the ultimate transformation tools and yet Debbie was so humble to continue the pursuit of Truth. The work never ends! Life continues!

I am so grateful to have shared and experienced her if but for a brief moment. I am forever transformed, renewed and changed. Yes I continue to learn through her how to “be” fully human and fully divine. Every area of my life changed because of my beloved Debbie Ford. I hear you whispering in my ears Debbie, just the way you did down the love tunnel…glad to have you on my side.

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