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Only the loving ones find love & they never have to reach for it – Sunyata

This has been the month of love. Love has many facets, like a finely cut diamond, yet it is only One. When somebody loves us, our lives are filled with all sorts of pleasure. We have companionship, friendships and family. Yet, we keep searching for that ever – elusive feeling that eludes us, even with all the love mentioned above. After a great deal of actually listening and paying attention to my own heart, I have found that only love worth having is the love I bestow upon others, unconditionally. This is especially difficult with family, friends and close companionship.

Listen! What do you hear? Do you hear someone calling out who simply wants to be heard? Listen! Do you hear the faint voice within you, giving you sacred and divine guidance? If not, then you’re not really listening. There are people who think the only way to listen is with their ears; the ears  hears words, but words are filtered through the mind. There are other ways to listen. For instance, you can always listen with your heart. When you listen with your heart, you can hear beyond the filtered words spoken and get what is being said beneath the tongue. The words of another may be coming out in an offensive manner but most likely it’s simply a cry for understanding about some hurt or pain a person might be suffering. If you’re listening with your ears you’ll probably respond from the same level as the literal words that are being slung at you.

Then, there’s the deep from the soul listening. Listening to the soul is where you’ll hear that still small voice from within. Who are you listening to, the committee that’s giving you the same worn out story that doesn’t serve you any longer or the voice of the Cosmic Eternal Intelligence? What are you being told? If you’re hearing the still small voice you’re hearing words of love. If you’re hearing words of love, then you’re being guided and directed to your greatest yet to be. You are getting the purest answers to all your questions. Listening is one of the most important spiritual tools you can use; listening from the deep to others and to yourself, the God Self. So why not listen from within, past the sound of the words? Shhhhh… Be Still – listen – Do you hear the I AM presence?

Affirm: I take this time to still myself and move into the Divine Intelligence that dwells within. I allow the I AM presence to speak to me and I faithfully listen.

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