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In my 23 plus years of counseling over 100 couples I cannot begin to express the number of times couples come before me, some dating for a number of years, and yet it is during premarital sessions that certain things are revealed. Preparing for your marriage, well a successful marriage, will mean that you take immediate action after engagement.

Some steps in preparing yourself for a successful marriage are:

1. Enter premarital counseling with someone who will facilitate a safe and open environment. Someone who will provide you with the tools, skills and resources that you can utilize going forward in your marriage. Also, ensure that they are registered by the courts in your State.

2. Do not wait until the last-minute to start your sessions. Begin immediately after becoming engaged. This way you will have the opportunity to work on things that may come up during your sessions.

3. Ensure that both yourself and your partner are committed to the process of premarital counseling. Anything in life that you do, you will get an equal measure of what you put in.

As a Inter – Spiritual Teacher & Coach I will provide for you all of the above and then some.

I will bring to the relationship a combination of spiritual principles along with coaching techniques that will create transformation during your process. Some of the resources I use are: Fit To Be Tied, A Good Beginning, The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work…. and others

 WeddingWire Rated 2012I will only officiate the wedding of couples who engage in premarital counseling as I strongly believe in the merits of the process. You can also view more about me on and find  endorsements from numerous couples there.

One client had this to say “My husband and I went to see Rev. Charles to do our premarital counseling when we got engaged. He is very intelligent and knowledgeable about ways for couples to learn different ways of communicating and getting better understanding on what marriage will reveal down the road. With his help, my husband and I are more aware of signs when communication is subconsciously revealing itself.”

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