Pivotal Moments


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It takes courage to look at our lives honestly. Really, it does – most of the time we just talk ourselves into being satisfied with the norm. But then at the most pivotal moments in our life something happens. There is a rumbling from some unknown place within us that tells us more of the same isn’t an option. We have a flash that there is something greater. We sense something brighter and have a taste or an inkling of a life that is more real and more fulfilling than the one we are currently living. We have caught a vision for our life.

This is a pivotal moment & often marks the beginning of a new chapter in our life; a chapter filled with unimaginable transformation and skill development. This is what H.I.P.™ coaches programsare designed to do: to support you in having & experiencing  the pivotal realizations that profoundly changes your life. It is hard to truly describe the transformational shifts that take place during the H.I.P. coaches programs, though if you browse through or site you can see a bit about what the clients are saying, to understand the powerful and positive momentum created in our lives through the H.I.P.™ process it must be experienced.

Take a moment now and sit with the part of you that has always helped you navigate in times that call for great decisions to be made. Some call it the gut feelings, instincts, intuition or heart. Set aside all streams of logical analysis for just a moment and ask – “has the time finally arrived for me to enter the next chapter of my life?” To express the vision in my soul. If your answer is YES then the time to leap has arrived.

“Real change is never easy and calls for great courage, but for those who do leap their life is never the same again.” For those who say YES to life, boredom is never experienced again. Join us this month as we explore the birthing  – the vision in your soul… The next chapter has arrived.

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