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A course in miracles tells us that all human actions are either pure expressions of love or calls for love. Anyone who is upset, angry or nasty is in pain. Hurt people hurt people. No one at peace with him or herself would do anything to hurt anyone else. The Course tells us to not take the nastiness of others personally. Their dark actions are not about you. They speak of that person’s consciousness. They are a call for love.

There is an African tribe in which when a woman knows she is pregnant, she goes into the wilderness with some friends and together they pray to hear the song of the child. When the women attune to the child’s soul signature the translate it into a chant and teach it to all the villagers. When the child is born, the villagers gather and sing the child into the world with his or her unique song.

The villagers also sing the child’s song at significant transition points in the child’s life, such as the first day of education, the adulthood initiation, marriage and eventually death. Yet there is one other time when the tribe members sing the child’s song. If the child commits a act of crime or socially aberrant act, he is placed at the center of the village and everyone in the village gathers around him or her and sings his or her song to them. They do this not as punishment but instead they realize that the person has acted antisocial because they are in pain, disconnected from themselves and their song. The song reminds them who they really are and calls them to come home to themselves.

This tradition is such a beautiful reminder of community and the responsibility we have to each other. All of the ills of society are a result of a sense of disconnection with self, others or God. The answer to our problems then is to restore connection, to regard fear-based acts as calls for love. You have to power to heal by re-framing hurtful actions, by others or yourself, as a call for love. if you love as the antidote, you may participate in a miracle. Remember love heals!

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