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H.I.P. Relationship Tip: Self-care isn’t just about you.

Whether you’re a teacher, coach, parent, minister, when you want to help others change it’s oh so tempting to believe that means giving your all, 110% of the time. That is means being on call no matter what – going the extra mile, being invested in the outcome and truth be told sometimes it does.

Short bursts of all out giving as a teacher, coach, minister, especially parent comes with the territory. But if you do it for extended stretches or you believe you must do it to be good or to be worth what you charge, you’re setting yourself up for a big ole train wreck of burnt out and soul sucking resentment.

Self – care gets a lot of lip service in our self-help world and in the domains of parenting, coaching, ministry and teaching but self-care is not just about you – it’s also about the people you love and serve. When you exhaust yourself serving them or tie your self-worth to serving in a perfect and unsustainable way, you send the work message. You are telling others “you can’t do this alone and you need me.” This type of message destroys the very value you are striving to deliver. This leads to tangled relationships and to everybody feeling like a failure.

Self – care in service means trusting the person you serve to learn in their own time and in their own way. It also means trusting that what you have given is enough. Question: In what teaching relationship is it time for you to practice self-care and step back? What would that look like today? Leave a comment and share with us.

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