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Gossip is providence of small-minded individuals. The biggest cost of gossiping is that it robs you of a clear mind. People who are impeccable see the world more clearly. They think more clearly and thus can be more effective in their decisions and actions.

When you speak ill of another to anyone else, it may temporarily bound you to that other person, but it creates a lasting impression in the other that you are the kind of person who gossips negatively about others. That other person will always be wondering – even if unconsciously – when you will turn that verbal poison against them. It will erode their sense of deep trust in you. Wars have been started over words. People have been killed because of words. Deals have been lost because of words. Marriages have been destroyed because of words.

Gossip and judgment affect us because we end up releasing a poison into the river of energy that is set up to bring you that which you do not want. Even without any words being spoken, others, can pick up your negative, judgmental and critical energy toward them.

When We Gossip It:

  1. It brings us down in the moment
  2. Focuses my attention on what I don’t want in my life.
  3. It literally wastes your breath – that you could be using your mental and verbal powers to create more of what you do want by focusing the power or your words on abundance instead.

To Speak With Impeccability:

  1. Make a commitment to be impeccable in your speech when talking to others.
  2. Make an effort to appreciate something about every person you interact with.
  3. Make a commitment to tell the truth as best you can in all of your interactions and dealings with others.
  4. Make a commitment to do it for 1 day then 2 days consecutively, then a whole week. If you mess up start over again. Keep building that muscle.
  5. Make it the intention of every interaction with others that you uplift them in a small way.

Begin To Practice A No Gossip Zone Today by:

  • Changing the subject
  • Say something positive about the other person
  • Walk away from the conversation
  • Keep quiet
  • Clearly state that you no longer participate in gossiping about others through tone in voice, tenderness of touch, or the way they held you etc.
  • Appreciate yourself
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