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“Your life works to the degree you keep you agreements.” -Werner Erhard

*Never promise more than you can perform.

*Recognize your word is your bond. Don’t give your word casually and then causally break it.

W-H-E-N you don’t keep your agreements, you pay both external and internal cost – you loss trust, respect and credibility with others (your family, friends, colleagues and customers). You ultimately create mess in your own life and in the lives of those who depend on you for getting things done.

A-C-K-N-O-W-E-D-G-E that every agreement you make is with yourself. When you don’t do what you say you will, you create confusion and self-doubt. You undermine your sense of personal power. Your integrity and self-esteem are worth more than any dollar amount. When you realize how important both are you will stop making casual agreements.

*Clean up any consequences and decide whether to recommit to the agreement.

L-E-A-R-N to say NO more often. Give yourself time to think it over before making any agreements. Find out the rules of engagement. How are “we” going to play together? What are the ground rules and guidelines for the relationship going to be? Be willing to support the mission, purpose, values, rules and goals.

S-P-E-A-K with good purpose. If it doesn’t serve a purpose, don’t say it. No making people wrong, justifying or defending. If you disagree or do not understand ask clarifying questions. Don’t make the other person wrong.

*Make only agreements you are willing and able to keep.

I-F you can’t keep an agreement, communicate as soon as practical to the appropriate person. Clear up any broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity.

W-H-E-N something is not working, first look to the system for corrections and then propose a system based solution to the person who can do something about it.

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