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Have you ever received THAT phone call….. from someone you know with the news they just broke-up with their spouse or long-term live in partner because of infidelity? Did the news make you so upset that it sent you searching for answers?

That happened to me recently and this is a brief reason as to perhaps why this happened. I am in no way giving an excuse or justifying such behavior, just offering something to think about.

When a couple is more equally empowered, maintains and communicates fair exchange and has their values met equally at home, they will be less likely to seek others outside of the home. Couples with a balance of overall powers often time keep each other in homeostatic check. This results in a more stable, “grown up,” relationship. They may experience mild oscillation in their relationship dynamics but these are usually not enough to motivate what society calls “infidelity.” As long as they are getting their values met they are less likely to stray.

Do you know what your values are and what values you live your life by? Importantly, do you know how to get your values met in a healthy, inspiring and purposeful way? If not, give us a call today, we are your relationship experts.

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