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Are you still getting ready by sleepwalking?

Do you know the vision that is seeking to be birth as your life?  Sleepwalkers are people who go through their lives in an unconscious state. They are not fully aware of who they are, the larger context of life they are a part of and or their real purpose in life.

Sleepwalkers look like any one of us, but are really just physical shells living through their lives as drones.  Have you ever seen people who have no clarity on their life?  People who live on a day by day basis never thinking about the future or what they really want? These people are not able to articulate what their life is about…

Every day they find themselves just running around doing various activities such as working, playing, partying, sleeping but none of it has any reaction to life in the bigger picture. This is what they have come to know and accept as life.

How do you know if you are still getting ready for life by sleepwalking?

1. Lack of awareness of the bigger picture (life, routine, status quo, same old same). This is all a comfortable space for you.

2. If you are not living in alignment with your real purpose you are sleepwalking.

3. Does your life run on auto-pilot (going through the motion of living day in, day out)?

4. Are you engaging into non-value added activities or random activities: addictions such as playing games, partying, eating, watching TV, surfing the net with no end in mind, gossiping, complaining, etc. How are you spending your time?

5. What’s your attitude towards life? Passive or avoidance?  Do you frequently take the “live and let live, roll with the punches attitude?” Or are you consistently relinquishing control of your life to others?

6. Sleepwalkers are busy all the time, in-spite of; they find no time to do things they want to do.

7. Sleepwalkers lack motivation or ambition. They spend their lives, living other people’s expectations to make something happen.

If you find yourself responding in the “AFFIRMATIVE” to any of the tips above, then, it is time to “WAKE UP” from the slumber and begin to WALK in the magnificence called your life. For support contact H.I.P. Coaches today.

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