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How about a new way of looking at fear?

Rather than running away or trying to hide from that which we fear let’s Face Everything And Rise…… We have heard it over and over – what you resist persist and so many individuals spend enough of their time dodging their fears. Transforming your fears can be a powerful antidote to manifesting your dreams.

Here Are Some Tips:

1. Admit Your Fear: For example it could look like “I experience fear every time I get up speak”. What is your fear?  Acknowledge your fear, tell the truth, admit it and be real (you are not your fear, learn the difference. There is a “I experience fear vs. I’m fearful” distinction) Be willing to just admit it to yourself with compassion, it takes the edge off and gives you a little breathing room. Admitting your fear is like taking the lid off a pot of boiling water, it releases some of the steam and takes off the pressure

2. Own Your Fear: this step is about taking responsibility for your fear and owning it as yours, not anyone else’s. In other words, not blaming anyone else or the situation for your feeling scared. We often think and say things like she makes me afraid. No, he or she just triggers some fear that is already within you. Fully owning your fear is an essential part in the process of moving through it, transforming it and using it in a positive way.

3. Feel Your Fear: For many of us, sometimes even me, talking about feeling my our fear is often easier than actually feeling it. But before we can express our fears and transform it, we have to really feel it first. How does that work? Notice it in your body – you may feel your heart beating, your hands getting clammy, your breath becoming short and shallow or your legs shaking a bit. Feel it emotionally – you can close your eyes and tap into your emotional state and you may notice that you want to laugh, cry, yell or something else. Whatever comes up physically, mentally or emotionally – see if you can just be with it and allow yourself to really feel it.

4. Express Your Fear: Once you’ve felt your fear there are many healthy ways you can express it as a way of allowing it to flow through you:

a. Speaking it out loud to someone you trust

b. Writing in a journal

c. Yelling loudly at the top of your lungs in a secure spot

5. Let It Go By Transforming, Transmuting, & Integrating It Into Your Being: Ask the fear what has it come to teach you? What skill or ability do you need to develop through this fear? In what ways do you need to grow? How do you need to prepare myself?

6. Take Action: whatever is revealed during the stage of inquiry – “Do it.” The more you challenge yourself to take action, even and especially if the action is something that might generate some level of greater fear within you, the more you can build your confidence and send a message to yourself that you can do, say & be exactly who you need to be.

This is how you move through your fear, transform it and use its energy and power as a catalyst to be authentic. Know that every morning you have two choices – to continue your dreams while sleeping or wake up – drink some coffee and keep the dream alive.

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