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How often have you reached out trying to grasp that fleeting feeling of elation?

If you are anything like me you perhaps spent a life time or two. Reaching for the highs from circumstances that brings the sensation in your life and surroundings. In fact for me I was driven to pack on the accolades, attend the ceremonies and take on the roles that would bring the feeling.

Unfortunately, it eluded my every attempt to hang on to it. Needless to say almost everyone around me was experiencing the same predicament. The excruciating pain when one’s partner failed to arouse it was unbearable. Time after time I lifted myself from the bathroom floor disappointed that this one, this oh so special one did not turn out to be my JOY. Someone has my joy and I needed to find it, “where are you I kept pursuing.”

Here comes the aha aha moment as Oprah Winfrey calls it. Joy is everywhere you are. Yes it is, no matter what the appearances of your situation. Where ever you go it is there, in the darkest hour and in the breaking of dawn. Why? Because you take it with you. Joy, friends is within you and it is a choice you must make. You heard it right joy is a choice.  When we are on the treadmill of life seeking something outside ourselves to feel the elation we are in erroneous living, chasing happiness. It is during these times we must practice calling forth from within our ally –  joy.


1. Joy does not need to be found this quality desires to be unlocked within you.

2. Joy is dependent on only you and never on any outside circumstances.

3. The more you release your joy the more you experience it in your life.

This is not to say chasing happiness is wrong but it is declaring to you that chasing happiness keeps you on a roll coaster, experiencing pitfalls and losing the meaning of life. One becomes exhausted real quick on this path, fixing the next relationship, getting the next job, seeking the big pay check without any self-reflecting.

Joy requires that you change yourself. That you lose the expectation and lie that something else will give you joy. It requires that you study, practice, be in a community that supports you and that you come into the realization of why you are alive. An attitude of gratitude just for being alive is the companion of joy.

Stop wasting your mental and emotional energies and stand poise in the joy that seeks expression through you. Look with new eyes the possibilities that lies ahead. Yes it will take work to awaken the sleep giant but it is well worth your efforts.

Remember, the more you release your joy the more joy you experience.

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