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Freedom, spontaneity, love, joy, all require great discipline.

Discipline does not mean forcing ourselves to do something or refraining from being involved with some negative action. Discipline means looking beyond the appearance, beyond that which is visible and acknowledging on Infinite cause.

When there is no discipline in your life, you are busily reacting to the world, to whatever it presents to you. If you are pleased when something that you consider good happens, you are still giving power to that good and it is then controlling you. When you are unhappy because a problem comes along you are reacting to this appearance and thus are not free to be your self.

Most people accept all that they see or hear and are thus busily reacting all over the place. Living spontaneously then becomes an impossibility for them. You are only free to live spontaneously when you are secure in your self. Spontaneity is a result of self authority, self-awareness. Freedom demands discipline. Health, wealth and love all demand discipline.

There must be the constant discipline to Truth, to looking beyond person, place and thing and seeing nothing but the invisible. The people in our lives can be one thing today and another tomorrow or then can be here today and gone tomorrow. If we are not dealing with the invisible, the invisible cause of Truth, then we can only react to what the people in our world are from moment to moment.

Whatever you judge to be bad you then have to deny and try to overcome. Even if you find that persons or thing to be good you are still using a belief in that person or thing and they are calling the shots. When we accept the appearance, the verdict, the opinion, we have to label it as either good or bad. We are then reacting to it, whatever we determine it to be and thus we are not free.

Whatever is of God is invisible. In dealing with the invisible, then there is nothing to react to. There is only something to live. Beauty, peace, joy, etc. You experience these not based on anything or anyone and that takes discipline – a looking beyond the appearances.

Affirm: I discipline myself to look beyond the appearances.
I am free to live from the eternal.

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