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This month our hearts are bursting forth with fireworks of joy and love.

We invite you to light up your own life with an explosion of joy and laughter as you release the inner splendor that will allow you to sparkle. Sparkle by listening to and following your intuition (your heart) and challenging your b.s. (belief system) to push pass your seeming limitations.

Joy is Your Soul’s G.P.S – Guidance Positioning System. Obey your soul by listening to your heart. The heart leads the way to a broader deeper understanding of both ourselves and others. It brings our attention to the subtle aspects of life and directs us toward a more creative, more loving, more healing approach to life.

Intuition is the guiding voice within us, leading us to make higher and higher choices based on joy for our lives. Allowing us to evolve and expand to live out our purpose. Without it we cannot find our way to our purpose and path in life. Without it we cannot truly discover what brings authentic joy. If you listen to your intuitive soul you walk with a gentle heart, a joyous heart, the heart of a child.

Joy is a landmark of an intuitive life and living this intuitive life is your greatest personal power. It doesn’t have to be a big deal to follow your intuition. In fact it’s rarely a big deal. Following your intuition is more often a series of unending little deals that make life easier and more joyful.

The key to discovering what your heart desires is to pay attention to the world around you today. True intuition is the consequence of clear and accurate observations of the here and now. In your subconscious mind such observations will lead to the most advanced and brilliant insights and help you create healing, balance, peace or mind and a happy heart.

Sit back, take a healing deep breath, fix yourself a refreshing glass of ice tea and savor this month’s banquet of inspiration from Charles & Shakira.

Blessings to you.

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