Injecting LOVE


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We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject

A new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization. On this our transformative journey, our deep longing for and expression of love is the key to our individual healing and that of the world at large. When we turn our attention to the news locally and internationally we see the cries taking place for a better tomorrow or a better moment. Often times the foundations and charities go out immediately to help but we must get to that space when we ask the question and then what?

What happens when the charities are removed? How can we cause a permanent shift or a world that works for all – where individuals aren’t experiencing these circumstances that they do? Why are we having these symptoms that is NOT true of our nature? It is important to ask these profound questions that take us into the ground of our being, into that place that connects us. For it is only in this place will  begin to change the world. When we trust LOVE, we trust ourselves.

When we trust ourselves we trust others and when groups of individuals trust, it becomes contagious. An epidemic of love is what our world is crying for people. All the so-called needs that keep us up at nights can be transformed with the injection of LOVE. We long for love because this is who we are – we are LOVE itself and our longing for love propels us forward into love’s discovery. Longing for love can be compared to the way that we long for enlightenment. However, all this longing should ultimately lead us to a spiritual practice that gives us the realization that we have been enlightened all along, that it is and always has been our natural state.

When we seek that LOVE, we arrive at the realization that we are LOVE all along. It is our name and nature. The situations and circumstances of the world are experiences that give us the opportunity to chip away the clutter that surrounds our identity.We all knowingly or unknowingly have a great desire to birth our true nature and an excellent way to begin this process is to seek out ways to inject love.

Let it be your daily goal – to inject LOVE as you move throughout your day.

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