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Have there been times in your life

When you were anticipating something – a gift, an answer to your prayer, a phone call, a parking space; a short line, finding something lost, a person to show up or someone to stop talking or start talking etc etc and you were told to be patient?

It can be difficult to be patient and wait when you have no idea exactly what you’re waiting for but there is a gift in patience to be discovered. Patience is an attitude of mind characterized by poise, inner calmness and quiet endurance especially in the face of trying conditions. Patience has its foundation rooted in faith and strength and it can be developed consciously.

When we do not draw upon our source of patience we become irritable and tense and have no other choice (in that state of mind) than to react in anger and impatience. We must remember that we always have a choice of waiting upon the Law of our Being to draw (attract) to you your good – rather than becoming frustrated and embittered with others and with situations.

How can you then express this wonderful gift of patience? First, you can let go of any anxiety by keeping your focus on peace or Divine as your unfolding good. Secondly, you can use a series of affirmation to work on your state of being. One such could be for example – “I am patient. I have the power to express this gift from God.”

Know that your gift of patience, if diligently developed, can resolve in many gifts in your life. Work at it!!!

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