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One uses prayer / meditation to be aligned with what already is.

We say what already is as we affirm and believe that “all is done” in creation already. There are times when we experience situation and circumstances that does not look like “all is done” already. But the Truth is, we are the ones out of alignment NOT Truth.

One day I walked in on the middle of a conversation between two friends. They were discussing how people would pay nine dollars for one slice of specialty pizza. It occurred to me in that moment that we perceive things of a higher value than normal price, as having more value than those at a lower price. It must be better, why else would it cost so much, we tell ourselves as we hand over the money with a feeling of great expectation. As I thought about this some more I got deeper insights in the value we place on money and things and then I said to myself – what is our value on prayer and meditation as a daily practice in our life?

Now I know I’m not alone in this – as to how we spend our money based on personal value. Who among us hasn’t questioned the thirty-nine cents food items at most of the fast food restaurants? Most of us perhaps reaching for the Alka Seltzer while we pay….:)

If prayer and meditation were available on a “for fee basis” would there be a difference between the lower prices and the specialty price? What would you be willing to pay? How important is the practice of prayer and meditation in your life today? The level of importance that you place on this practice will indicate the value you have place on it. Now back to the pizza – could I choose a gourmet specialty meditation/ prayer or a fast food pre-packaged on the warmer variety? Would one be any more or less effective than the other? What about the perceived value were it to be given away?

Something to be considered with prayer and meditation is that it is always available, always effective, always specialty and always given for the asking. Are you willing to accept? The pizza story is such a great metaphor for the H.I.P. teachings I thought. The round shape of the pizza representing our ONENESS, each slice ( V-shaped) representing the infinite action of Spirit – of Itself and every topping a quality representing a choice in our life. Who would have thought, eat-in, take-out, pick-up or delivery pizza could give us some meaning to life?

I encourage you through your daily journeys to look for the signs of life, make a game of it. Next time I will ask -“who put life (pizza) in a square box?”

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